Bella, a.k.a. Bella Boo or Boo-Bear

Bella, a.k.a. Bella Boo or Boo-Bear, is a 14-year-old Blue Merle Australian Shepherd who has circumnavigated the globe with her parents Jay and Terry!

Jay, Terry and Bella had a session with me in April at Seacrest Park along Harbor Avenue in West Seattle. They love the view, and when Bella was younger she would join Terry and Jay on runs.

After Jay and Terry lost one of their two beloved Australian Shepherds in 2002, Terry was content with just living with their surviving dog, but Jay had a different idea.

While Jay began researching local farms that raised Australian Shepherds, Terry was busy acclimating to their new home and searching for a job. One day, Jay asked Terry if she would like to join him on a business trip to Portland, Oregon and to visit some of the farms. Terry agreed, not knowing she would end up purchasing a female, blue merle, sight unseen.

Jay and Terry have raised Bella since she was 8 weeks old.

“We’re standing in the farm owner’s kitchen when suddenly I notice my husband pulling out and opening up our checkbook. “What are you doing?” I ask – “What are you buying?” He points to a dog resting in a kennel in the kitchen. “She’s going to give birth any day now – we’re buying a puppy.” WHAT? A PUPPY? This took me completely by surprise. “Don’t worry,” he assures me – ‘We don’t have to bring it home for a couple of months!” (…) “Bella is born the next day and we drove back to Oregon and brought her home the first week of January 2003.” - Terry

Bella moved with her parents to Australia in 2007 to explore “The Great Down Under”.

At the time, bobbed tails which are standard for Australian Shepherds, were illegal in Australia, making Bella quite the attraction; being virtually the only dog without a tail in Sydney. A few years later, another adventure awaited – a move from Sydney to Dubai, via Bangkok. They lived in Abu Dhabi for two years. Bella turned heads again, as dogs are not traditional household pets in the Middle East.Due to age, osteoarthritis and loss of hearing, Bella has begun to slow down. But “she still exhibits an abundance of love and joy for simple pleasures – good smells, head and belly rubs and treats! She is extremely motivated by food and her desire to eat!” Especially when those delicious peanut butter – apple flavored treats get brought out!Bella is a loving, sweet, affectionate dog; definitely an outgoing people-person pet, doesn’t care too much about other dogs, and seeks attention from anyone she passes on walks.As a result from a bout with vestibular syndrome (canine vertigo) last year, Bella's head has a slight permanent tilt to one side. She looks particularly intelligent and curious when her ears perk up when she’s trying to understand what you are saying.“Bella is quite old – 14 ½+. We don’t know how much more time we will have with our little furry angel, and wanted someone to capture her sweet nature and disposition in photographs that we can cherish forever.” - TerryCheers!sig SaveSaveSaveSaveSaveSave