Belle and Griffey

Belle and Griffey are quite the pair!  We met up at UW Botanical Gardens for their photo session in December and had a romping good time!SOLBERG19This was my second session with Griffey.  Since that session he acquired a "sister", so this session was more about Belle, also known as ClaraBelle.SOLBERG29Here is Belle's story from her mom..."ClaraBelle (formerly Bella) has been a part of our family for just over 1 year now. We adopted her from Basset Rescue of Puget Sound on November 12, 2014. She had been with the rescue since October 1st, and before that had been passed around a couple of times on Craig’s list for about a year. We don’t have any records on her first 3 years, although she is believed to have come from a back yard breeder in Aberdeen that has since been shut down. When she was turned into the rescue she was very sick and underweight, and through the care of her foster family and a holistic vet she vastly improved. I had been following her online from day 1, and met her on October 27th at the rescue’s annual Halloween fundraiser. She was dressed as a pumpkin so I almost missed her until we were about to leave. I was already in love with her and that sealed the deal. Just a few weeks later when she was cleared by the vet to be adopted, her next stop was our home! Belle and Griffey are very bonded, and Belle has gained not only weight and health since she has been a part of our family, but confidence as well. Her insecurities have fallen away, and even though she still loves her sweaters, she no longer needs them for security. She loves treats, but doesn’t understand toys, and is definitely attached to me and Griffey at the hip!"SOLBERG15SOLBERG11SOLBERG23SOLBERG07SOLBERG13SOLBERG08SOLBERG05SOLBERG09And we can't forget Griffey!SOLBERG18Thank you Belle and Griffey, and their mom Jodie, for such a lovely session!Cheers!Julie