Dakota is 100% Awesome!

Dakota is 100% awesome!  And sweet.  And smart.  And beautiful.  And the best dog ever according to Danielle and Ryan!

I met Dakota and her humans, Danielle and Ryan at one of my favorite locations, Kubota Garden, on a rare sunny March day.Ryan, Dakota, and Danielle at beautiful Kubota Garden on a rare sunny March day.

Danielle found Dakota when Dakota was only a couple weeks old.

Danielle was 19 and traveling between semesters at college, and found a litter of puppies for sale.  She bought one of them (Dakota) from the owners, and brought her home shortly thereafter.  Danielle and Ryan met about three years later at the end of college.  They have been together ever since, almost ten years.  They were married in 2015.Beautiful Dakota.Dakota's nickname is Cody."<yoastmark

"Dakota is a very mellow dog.

Dakota loves to lay around, and is likely to lay her head on your lap if you're sitting with her.  She loves hiking, especially when she can be off leash."Dakota and Danielle have a very tight bond. Dakota has lots of love for Ryan too!One happy family.

"Dakota doesn't love big crowds (I don't blame her) and is likely to hide next to one of us.

Her personality doesn't come out the same way when there's a lot going on around her.  She doesn't like water or swimming.  We've coaxed her into swimming on several occasions, but it's clear she'd rather be on dry land.""I don't like to swim."

After a wonderful time at Kubota Garden, we headed over to beautiful Discovery Park.

Discovery Park is a 534 acre park that I love to photograph at!  You have fields, woods, beach, trails, and a stunning view!  It's also nice for older dogs because you can drive to different locations of the park, so the dog doesn't need to walk the entire time.Dakota enjoys a mellow stroll at Discovery Park.Ryan, Danielle, and Dakota looking great under one of the many amazing trees at Discovery Park. Time for BELLY RUB!!!Soul mates.Pure love.

I always post sneak peeks on Facebook right after the photo session.

Here is what Danielle and Ryan had to say about what they thought of their sneak peeks..."The photographs you posted are STUNNING and we cannot wait to see more.  We will treasure the memories of our darling Dakota that you are capturing for many, many years.  We love her so much."Dakota and daffodils!A whole lot of love in this family!Thank you Dakota, Danielle and Ryan for a beautiful and memorable March afternoon!