Dakota isn’t new to being in front of the camera – this is her second portrait session!

Dakota isn’t new to being in front of the camera – this is her second portrait session, and boy is she a gorgeous lady! Dakota just celebrated her thirteenth birthday this May!

Danielle, Ryan and Dakota had a session in March at Kubota Garden and Discovery Park.

For their second session, Danielle, Dakota and I met at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle. We got to enjoy some gorgeous sunshine on the beach!

Golden Gardens Park is a 88-acre park in Ballard, Seattle that includes wetlands, beaches, hiking trails, picnic and playground areas.

This park in particular holds a special meaning to the family, especially to Dakota and Danielle, as they spent a lot of time there ever since they first moved to Seattle.

Danielle and Dakota laughed and played in the sand with a beautiful setting sun.

Dakota is a mixed breed Brindle with a gorgeous smile.

Dakota has been with Danielle since she was only a few weeks old and Danielle was 19, in between semesters at college. Ryan joined the pack at the end of college, almost 10 years ago! Danielle and Ryan got married in 2015.

At thirteen years old, Dakota is slowing down with age, but she still very much loves camping with her parents, Danielle and Ryan.

Ryan and Danielle’s “adventure-mobile” is a VW Vanagon that they take out to the mountains and woods for weekend trips. They used to go hiking as a family, but since Dakota is not hiking much, they go camping. Danielle and Ryan take turns biking or running, with one of them always staying by Dakota’s side. It seems that Dakota loves the van just as much as her humans. “If it’s getting late and Dakota doesn’t want to sit by the campfire anymore, she’ll hop in the van and tuck herself in for the night.” - Danielle

“We’ve been through a lot together, and every day with Dakota is special.” – Danielle

“Dakota has a very calm energy - a friend recently asked us, half-jokingly, how we taught her to meditate. When she was younger, we would spend long days adventuring in the woods or camping in the mountains. She has always been a source of calm, joy, and love.” – Danielle



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