Spunky Enzo

Enzo is a spunky, 8-year-old Pomeranian who fulfilled his parents’, Sanjog and Dhriti’s childhood dreams of having their own dog! Sanjog, Dhriti and Enzo enjoyed a beautiful June afternoon frolicking through fields in Maple Valley. Their session was a birthday gift for Dhriti from Sanjog.

Long after Sanjog and Dhriti had started dating, it was discovered that they both were not allowed to have a dog growing up. It was decided that a dog would be the first thing they’d get after getting married!They got Enzo two months after they married, before they even purchased a mattress to sleep on or any furniture for their home.

Enzo is full of life and a ball of energy. Although he loves people, it’s possible he loves food more! He is also quite the intelligent dog, easy to train and can learn just about anything you want in just a few short minutes.

Sanjog, Dhriti and Enzo go camping every summer! Enzo enjoys going on hikes, walks on the beach and laying around with his parents by the campfire.“He has a history of doing crazy things like ripping open bags of flour, hot dog buns, mangoes and even Halloween candy and eating until he was full (obviously he had to be rushed to his vet right after).” – SanjogDespite being incredibly excited for his food, the moment his parents put his bowl on the floor he will patiently wait until he is told to eat.

Enzo’s favorite toy is a red dog chew toy.

He has now eaten both ears off of it, but still wants to play with it more than any other toy. Enzo also has a unique fascination with feet; he will give kisses to anyone and everyone’s feet.Enzo definitely knows how to take care of his family! If someone in the house is upset or sick, he will stick right by their side to help bring a smile to their face and make them feel better.

One of Dhriti’s favorite Enzo stories is from when he was young and was chewing on a bone one night.

He was making scratching noises and Sanjog got upset and took the bone away since he had to be up early for work. He went to bed, thinking the problem was solved, only to hear a sound in the dark seconds later. Suddenly, Sanjog started feeling liquid on the bed… Enzo was peeing on him! Sanjog got upset, Enzo ran and hid behind the couch. He refused to come out from behind the couch until after Sanjog had changed the sheets, showered and called him.“Enzo is our baby. When I asked my wife what she wanted for her birthday this year, she said she wanted to capture special memories of Enzo. She researched and found Julie. We saw pictures Julie had taken and were in love with how she had captured the emotions and bonds owners shared with their pets. We knew we had to do a session with her.” - SanjogCheers!  sigSaveSaveSaveSave