Penny, Polly, and Jasper

On a sunny, February afternoon I had a session with Penny, Polly, and Jasper and their parents David and Lori Gossage at Discovery Park.

Discovery Park is a 534-acre park in Seattle that contains 11.81 miles of walking trails.

Penny is a 13.5-year-old Dachshund Beagle mix. Lori and David adopted when she was 9 months old. Penny is smart, sensitive and eager to please.

Penny is Lori’s first dog – ever. When David and Lori first adopted Penny, she was a well-trained ball of energy, always wanting to play for hours at a time. They couldn’t keep up! They decided that she needed a playmate, so they adopted Polly.

“Even though Penny is a senior, she has the spirit, spunk, and speed of a young dog.” - Lori

Polly is a 13-year-old Beagle Spaniel who was adopted when she was 4 months old.

She was one of the few surviving dogs out of 60 that were rescued by the Humane Society from a woman who could not care for them. Polly was shy and so thin you could see her ribs. Whenever she was given a treat, Polly would save it – likely unsure of when her next meal would be.

She is a mellow, laid back tomboy but strong willed. “Whenever you ask her to do something, she'll consider it.  If it suits her, she'll comply.” - Lori

Jasper was a 13-year-old Beagle who sadly passed away late April.

Lori and David weren’t the ones to adopt him, instead, Jasper adopted them. When he was 4 years old, he was an abused stray that found his way to David and Lori’s porch on a snowy morning. Lori had gone to look for a package delivery, rather than finding the package, she found Jasper lying on her front door step.

She immediately opened the door to speak to him, but he ran off, only using 3 legs. So she gathered blankets, water and food and placed them on the front porch and kept watch. Jasper returned, to snuggle in the warm blankets, but was still very skittish and distrustful. It took a couple months for Lori to win him over. She finally caught him and took him to the vet, only to find out he had heart worms, intestinal worms, had been shot twice with a small caliber gun and a BB gun, and had a broken hip.

“This poor soul had been so mistreated.  I eventually was able to heal this poor pup, and he turned out to be such a super star.  It was through sheer will, on his part, that he was able to overcome so many problems.  The two of us definitely had a strong bond, and I miss my sweet boy on a daily basis.” – Lori

“My little ones have brought such joy into my life, I hope that they feel the love that I have for them.” - Lori

Stay tuned for another Gossage blog post about their new family member, Tucker!