The Adventures of Daisy Mae - Chapter One

My long time friend Mary Shockley has begun a blog about her dear dog Daisy Mae called The Adventures of Daisy Mae.  Daisy Mae happens to be one of my favorite dogs!I am going to be sharing her blog with you chapter by chapter, and here is the first one!

Let’s start from the beginning…

by Mary Shockley

I have never been one to back down from a challenge. When I am given the impression that someone thinks I cant do something, I turn up the throttle and push even harder to prove people wrong – all the while knowing their concerns are unfounded. I know from the start of things I can complete almost anything I put my mind to. I remember in my Master’s program I had an experience that left me with …a little bit doubtful of what I can do successfully within my career. I had a professor who taught the majority of classes that I needed to graduate. Half way through the program I felt as if he had it out for me. Ok, maybe not had it out for me, but I felt he was setting me up for failure. I remember going to talk to him after the second C he gave me asking how I can become more successful in his classes. His response? Basically told me that I should really revisit my desire to go through with the program as he had concerns I didn’t have what it took to cut it.
My last class of the program was a consultation class. We were to take our thesis and implement it, writing a paper to be submitted for publishing (or not, but the goal was to at least attempt publication). He set the class up to just having the paper. No classes, just a semester of writing the paper. Once turned in he would review and gave back for corrections to have a top notch paper for submittal. My thesis was based on the affects pet therapy has on recovery in a hospital/therapuetic setting. I worked my ass off on that paper and turned it in, ready for a lot of feedback. When I got my paper back it had a B on it. I asked for clarification as to why it was graded already and no revisions were present. He stated he felt it would not be publishable and that I should be happy with the B and move on. He also told me that pet therapy was a crock of sh*t (in better terms of course).
13 years later this experience has stuck with me. Not in the fore front of course, but I have always carried that small amount of doubt. Despite this experience I held true to my passion of bringing the healing affects of animals to supplement all the other things I use in work. I have always proven to myself that this passion IS effective and just as good a technique as Dr P. II’s (I had a Dr P. I in my bachelor’s program – totally different story Ill spare you the details on). This past Tuesday I had a very humbling moment that left me speechless. In a good way. It was one of those small things that you would never expect to make such an impact. While I was out last week, our Recovery Though Art group made bows for Daisy. When they gave them to me this week it was unexpected and all those memories from Dr P. came rushing back. My first thought was BAM! Told ya mofo.
daisy mae
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