The Story of Skippy

This is the Story of Skippy.

I received a call on Saturday, asking if I could come the next day to photograph 16.5 year old Skippy.  He was going to heaven on Monday.I arrived on Sunday to meet Skippy and his people, Becca and Drew.  These three are a tight knit family. Becca and Skippy have been together for over 16 years, since Becca was nine years old.  Becca and Drew married in 2012, and it has been a happy family of 3 ever since.Skippy was resting on a fluffy pillow on the bed, looking a bit tired, but still very regal and dignified.SkippySkippy and BeccaSkippy and Becca nowSkippy, Becca, and Drew. Family. Getting lots and lots of love!Skippy looking very dapper. Best friends.Drew adores Skippy too. I loved that they had yellow roses there for Skippy. Sniff.

The Story of Skippy--

 On my 9th birthday, my mom and I were out running errands and shopping at Wal-mart. When we got to the check-out line, I started to help my mom unload the items from the cart onto the conveyer belt. I noticed some interesting items in the cart and said, "Hey wait a minute...kitty food, kitty bowls, litter, kitty toys?!?" The lightbulb went off in my head and my eyes grew to the size of saucers as I started jumping up & down and squealing in pure excitement, "I'M GETTING A KITTY! I'M GETTING A KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!"We drove over to the Rogue Valley Mall (the only mall in Medford) and went to the pet store. My mom was talking with the worker while I went to check out the kitties in the kitty cage. My eyes fell on this tiny little kitten that was grey and white. I INSTANTLY knew that he was the one. My mom came over to join me and said, "Do you know which one you want yet?" I pointed and said "That one!" My mom looked concerned and said to me gently, "Are you sure sweetie? He looks a little a runt." But my heart was completely set. I said, "No mama. I know I want him. He's definitely the one!" My mom went to the counter to pay and I remember watching as my new kitty pressed his forehead against each of his cage-mate's if saying goodbye to every one of them.I brought my new 6 week-old kitty home and he celebrated my 9th birthday with me. This kitty was silly and frisky and loved running up and down the hallway while doing this weird skipping-sorta dance, hence why I named him Skippy.We have spent over 16.5 years together since. Thank you mama for giving me the greatest gift ever.Love you my Skippy ❤️Rest in peace dear Skippy. You are loved forever.Skippy's 1st birthday.Skippy's 14th birthday funfetti cupcake  His last birthday party ever

Becca's Good Bye Letter to Skippy. She read this to him right before he passed.

I will always believe with all my heart that you are my angel. God specifically ordained you for me. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on you that there was something special about you and that we belonged together.Everything reminds me of you.My heart will ache every time I pull in the driveway and I don't see you there waiting for me in the kitchen window and then get all excited when you see me. I will never be able to clean your nose smudge off the kitchen window. My heart will drop every time I walk in the front door and you won't be there greeting me with excitement. I will miss you sitting on a fresh clean pile of folded laundry. I will miss our summer porch hangouts watching squirrels. I will miss you always drinking out of my water cup when you thought I wasn't looking. I will miss taking our annual Christmas photo in front of the tree. I LOVED the incredible adventurous walks we would take outside together while I watched you happily roll in the dirt and enjoy the sunshine glistening on your fur coat. Every time I start the dishwasher, I will think of you and your Skippy "saunas" as you loved to lay on top of the warm, heated counter above the running dishwasher. I will miss you following me into any room and always being right at my heels. I will miss all of our awesome photo shoots with you being the talented little model that you are! Especially how HANDSOME you always looked in your ties and bow ties. I love all the gazillion nicknames we have for you. I will miss how I had a daily quota of 1,000 kisses that I must give you by the end of every day. I would always pray for you every time I left the house. When I drove away, I would look in my review mirror at you bidding me farewell in the kitchen window and I would always pray for your health and happiness and that you'd have an incredible day. Every night when I crawled in bed, I would thank God for you. Remember our silly orange plastic star rings we had when we were both super little? I always put one of the rings on my finger and the other ring on one of your front toes and said we'd be together forever. You have been there for everything in my life and you were always there to lick my tears. I love the way your butt wiggles before it pounces. I love your never-ending quest to catch the red laser. I will miss how we would always have to hide our English muffins or any bread products in the cupboard or else you would tear into them like a raccoon. I will miss wrapping you up in your green blankie in one of your "Skippy burritos". I will deeply miss all the countless hours we spent cuddling with you purring on my chest and just nuzzling your face into mine. I will miss your beautiful green eyes and light pink nose. Your unique forehead blaze and your precious paws. Most of all, I will miss feeling your warm soft fur, smelling your wonderful Skippy scent, and listening to your precious Skippy purr.Thank you for everything you have taught me. Thank you for trusting me. Thank you for the continuous joy and laughter you have brought. Thank you for being a constant source of comfort for me. Thank you for loving me.The only things I hope for are that you truly know just how much I love you and also that we will be able to embrace each other again someday.I will forever see your loving, spunky Skippy spirit in everything.I am forever changed my you my boy.I love you SO much, my Skippy Doodle.With all my love,Your mommyTrue love.Beloved. Love.Bacce and Skippy