Three Yellow Labs! Sugar, Dandie, and Moose!

Three Yellow Labs!

Sugar, Dandie, and Moose, and their humans, Rachel and Brian, met up with me at an awesome area in Maple Valley that is used primarily for mountain biking. Brian regularly takes the trio of labs with him on his up to ten mile mountain biking rides!Thank goodness no one expected me to ride a bike at our photo session!  It's hard to photograph on wheels.

Ten year old Sugar is the eldest of the group and is the leader.  She is very beautiful and very clever.Three Yellow Labs!"Sugar is our first, and oldest, fur baby. She came to live with us when she was 3 years old, after having had two previous homes. Our brother-in-law introduced us. Her previous homes did not seem to have much time for her so she spent a lot of time alone and/or outside. When she came to live with us, she was treated like the princess that she is…inside all of the time, lots of one on one time with Brian (when he was self-employed) chasing a tennis ball and swimming, lounging around on the furniture…I think that you get the idea! Sugar LOVES to chase ANY ball or anything that looks like a ball, swim, and go mountain biking with Brian and the other dogs on various trails. She is always out in front, leading the way!"
Four year old Dandelion (aka Dandie) is a sweetheart who likes to wait until one of the other dogs brings back the ball and she does all she can to grab it from them!  Even if it means trying to push them underwater!Three Yellow Labs!"Dandie is our second, and smallest, fur baby. We bought her as a pup from the breeder, and she has known nothing but a princesses’ life. (What other way is there to live? J) Dandie is very affectionate and is prone to climbing up onto your lap to lick your face or snuggle. She usually sleeps on our bed in between Brian’s feet. Dandie seldom outruns Sugar or Moose chasing a ball so she prefers to ambush them, usually Sugar, by meeting halfway back and biting front legs until the ball is dropped so that she can pick it up and triumphantly deliver it, or hanging on to Sugar’s tail when she takes off to chase the ball. Sassy got her nickname by barking at us defiantly when directed to do something she doesn’t want to do. She still sasses us from time to time, but she is a good girl. J Dandie LOVES to be scratched right above her tail. She also loves to mountain bike and is most frequently found right on Brian’s back tire. She does not like to be left behind and will panic and start crying if she thinks she is being left. It’s actually kind of cute."
Four year old Moose's name suits him perfectly!  He's a big and adorable galoof!  This boy can go and go and go!Three Yellow Labs!"Moose is our third, and largest, fur baby. Moose and Dandie are from the same litter, but we only recently adopted him from the breeder who raised him from a pup…August is when he came to live with us. He fit in immediately with the family dynamic and is by far the most affectionate. He LOVES Brian and frequently screams (not whine or whimper) when Brian leaves him behind. Seriously. I have never heard another dog make those noises. Moose also loves chasing balls and mountain biking, and is frequently between Sugar, who is leading the way, and Brian and Dandie. Moose can usually be found as close to Brian as possible, and in his lap or resting his head on Brian’s chest as often as Brian allows him to. Moose is also our guard dog with the loudest, meanest bark, and he tries to intimidate any and all guests. Once he does his alpha dog thing and realizes we have cool friends, all he wants to do is lick faces."
Arriving and ready to go!Three Yellow Labs arrivingBrian and the lab crew are regulars in this neck of the woods.three yellow labsCrossing that bridge.crossing the bridgeSugar has no problem with getting a little dirty on the trail.Sugar the yellow lab.SPLASH!splashPure joy!Pure joy!Whose got the ball?whose got the ball?Dandie got the ball!dandie got the ballMoose in motion.moose in motionSugar in motion.sugar in motionDandie in motion.dandie in motionThree dogs in a row.Three dogs in a row.Peekaboo.peekabooEverybody out of the water!out of the waterThree on one.three on oneHandsome Moose.stevens37Sweet Sugar.sweet sugarSibling rivalry.sibling rivalryI'd like to thank (from left to right) Dandie, Sugar, and Moose for a super fun session!three dogsLove!Julie