Uni, Riceball and Latte’s hearts are full of love!

Uni, Riceball and Latte’s hearts are full of love since being adopted by their wonderful parents, May and Jordan. All of the animals are pretty lazy, share a love for their raw food, and just like cuddling.

May works at Natural Pet Pantry, Seattle’s trusted provider of wholesome, natural, real food for dogs and cats. May and Jordan have a special gift of rescuing and caring for animals. They both lavish their furry family members with love, attention and toys!

Uni is between the age of 2 and 4 and is a rescue from CARE in Texas.

When Uni was rescued, he was in dire need of some major TLC. He had no hair due to a terrible mange, was malnourished and extremely depressed. Uni lived with a foster mom, Ms. Carla, who cared for him, took him to routine vet appointments and showed him how it felt to be loved. His foster mom would take him for car rides, to the park to see the ducks and took a plethora of selfies together! Although they both loved each other very much, they both knew there was a family out there who needed Uni just as much as he needed them. He needed a forever home. Uni traveled to Seattle to meet Ms. Karin, who was determined to find Uni an incredible forever family who would appreciate and love how special he is.

Uni joined May and Jordan’s family and his two brothers, Riceball and Latte in 2015.

Despite the incredible health progress he had made, there was still work to be done. When Uni arrived at May and Jordan’s house, he was still somewhat itchy, had lots of ear gunk which had to be cleaned nearly every day. He also was slightly chubby and would start smelling within 48 hours after having a bath. May immediately put him on a raw food diet with goats milk. Uni is still quite gassy and itchy, so May rotates a digestive enzyme and probiotic to help. He is finally fully stabilized after a steady rotation between beef, duck, buffalo and chicken, and added goat’s milk or kefir. Since being rescued, Uni has now been able to show his true personality which consists of being a goofy, happy and clumsy pup!

“He's very food motivated - easily trained to do sit, down, wait, stay, and balance treat on his nose then catch it (about 30% success rate). He loves cuddling with us on the coach. He's very sweet and respects the cats a lot.” - May

Riceball is a 10-year-old curious kitty who was adopted from SPCA in Vancouver, B.C. in January of 2008.

He stayed with May in Vancouver until she got married to Jordan and moved to Phoenix in 2012, and now lives with them in Seattle. Riceball is extremely interactive, loves to talk to his family all the time. He’s incredibly good at opening drawers, doing puzzle toys, he’ll come running when called, like a dog. He also knows how to sit, shake, high-five and standup like a meerkat on cue.

He would do anything for treats. Jordan calls him a dog that got reincarnated into a cat’s body. While Riceball has never been given anything by raw food or single ingredient freeze dried treats, he is still thinks he can or should eat things such as but not limited to corn, cereal, white chocolate, green tea sponge cake, strawberry, etc. “He’s a food mongering klepto.” – Jordan

Latte is a content, 10-year-old kitty who was found on a snowy day in Surrey, B.C. in December of 2007.

Latte was crying on the doorstep of May’s friend’s house, who took him in. He looked freshly shampooed and was rocking a Harley Davidson collar. No one in the neighborhood claimed him and no one reported him to the shelter. After 6 weeks, Jordan (May’s boyfriend at the time) decided to take him in, and he’s been on an adventure ever since! Latte has lived in Socorro, N.M., Carlsbad, N.M., Phoenix, A.Z., traveled by car to the east coast, visited Asheville, N.C., and Clinton, S.C. and now lives in Seattle, W.A.

He is much more of a “normal” cat, who does his own thing until he feels like cuddling. May says he LOVES cuddling in bed, loves belly rubs, drools a lot and could purr for hours. Latte has a true passion for his regular raw meal, and despite being fed at the exact same time (9am and 9pm) for nearly 10 years, he still starts singing opera for breakfast between 5 and 7am.

All that Latte knows how to do on cue is sit. He will randomly roam around the house and talk to himself, otherwise known as his ‘old man grumble.’ Latte loves eating delicious dryer sheets, paper towels and trash bags; therefore requiring two ER visits. Latte also doesn’t know how to work the puzzle toys (you might be able to tell from the photos).

Such a happy ending for all!

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